Welcome to Faculty of Physical Sciences, University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Dean’s Message

The main academic units and facilities of the faculty are located in a number of buildings at the Nsukka campus of the University. On Owere-Eze Road is carver building , the original home for the entire faculty, which now houses the Dean’s office, some of the offices ,classrooms and laboratories of the department of physics and astronomy and pure and industrial chemistry. During reconstruction work during Prof. Bathlome Okolo’s Administration, the department of Geology with its facilities, and some physics, chemistry and computer science laboratory that were located in the Jimbaz building at intersection of George Johnson Street and Alumni road were ejected. Except for the Dean’s office that were relocated to carver building suitable accommodation is yet to be made available to others. Sprawling behind carver and across into the opposite side of alumni road are staff offices, postgraduate and research laboratory of the department physics and astronomy and pure and industrial chemistry. New science Lecture Theater was among them but has been demolished. However, the faculty has a student lecture theater built during prof. Nebo’s Administration. The so called mathematics and statistics, or the Abuja building of Eni Njoku Street and perhaps the most imposing building complex on campus, contains the classrooms and staff offices of the department of mathematics, statistics and computer science as well as other laboratories of the department of physics and astronomy, and pure and industrial chemistry. Four departments, computer science, mathematics, physics and astronomy, statistics also have outputs in the Enugu campus of the University to service faculties located in that campuses. There is a building beside the Abuja building known as the white house where department of geology and its classrooms, conference room and offices are housed. One of the greatest strengths of the faculty is the caliber of its academic and support staff. As first generation institution and the place where the action was, the University of Nigeria was able to attract the best from within Nigeria and abroad in its early days. The faculty of physical sciences has been able to keep the Nigerian component of this core staff and in addition was the produce the former vice-chancellor of this and other University like Prof. I.O.C Ezeilo, Prof C.S. Onwumechi, Prof Ndili and Prof C. Ikoku. The Faculty has produced distinguished researchers who have by their research and other activities played and are still playing prominent the course of higher education in the country.