GEOLOGY Two A’ level passes from geology and any of chemistry, mathematics, geography, physics and biology or equivalent A’ level subject. Five O’level credit passes in English language, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Any three of chemistry, mathematics biology, and geography  
PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY (1) Two A’level passes in physics and mathematics

(2) 3 years Diploma certificate in applied physics plus UME requirement in both cases

Five O’level credit passes in physics, mathematics, and English language as well as two (2) other credit passes from Agricultural science , Biology, further mathematics, statistics, Technical drawing and Geography at SSCE/GCE/NECO or its equivalent A pass in Chemistry is acceptable


Mathematics, physics, chemistry or Biology  
STATISTICS (1) A’level passes to include Mathematics or Statistics plus UME requirement

(2) NCE(Credit) in relevant subject plus UME requirement

Five O’level credit passes to include English language, Mathematics and at least two subjects from physics, statistics, Chemistry, Further mathematics Economics and Geography Mathematics, and any two of Physics Chemistry and Economics Direct Entry

UNN accept OND(upper credits) HND(lower credit) and NCE merit in relevant field plus UME requirement.

UME Subject

UNN Requires Physics Mathematics /Chemistry/Economics/Biology/Geography



(1) Two A’level passes in mathematics and any other science subject plus UME requirement

(2) NCE with at least merit in Mathematics and one of Physics , chemistry or Economics

Five O’level credit including English language, Mathematics and Physics or Chemistry. Mathematics and any two of Physics Chemistry and Economics or Geography  
COMPUTER SCIENCE (1) Two A’level passes in science subject including Mathematics.

(2) NCE with at least merit in Mathematics and one other science or social science subject

(3) Diploma in Data processing with at least a merit pass from a recognized university or HND in Data processing, Engineering and Mathematics with an overall B grade may be considered

Five O’level passes including English language, Mathematics, physics and any two from Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural science and Economics. Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology Chemistry Economics and Geography. UME subjects: UNN does not accept Agric science. DE into computer science is 4 years but for combined courses is 3 years
PURE AND INDUSRIAL CHEMISRY Two A’ level passes in chemistry and any one of physics and mathematics plus UME requirement Five O’level passes in English language Mathematics, physics Chemistry and two of Physics Biology and Mathematics.