Computer Science Department – History

The department started in 1975 as sub-department in the Faculty of Physical Sciences, and offered combined degree programmes in:

  1. Computer Science/Mathematics
  2. Computer Science/Physics
  3. Computer Science/Statistics

The single honours option started in 1981. The department is currently housed on the topmost floor of the J.C. Ezeilo Building, popularly called ‘Abuja Building’.

The department offers some degree course for the Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) Department. The department offers a number of specially designed service courses in Computer Science to all the academic faculties/departmental/sub-department in the University. The department employs modern teaching tools such as multimedia projectors, smart boards, PA systems, etc. for effective lecture delivery.

The M.Sc and PhD programmes were introduced in 1991. PhD officially took off by the year 2007.

As part of a dynamic staff development programme, the University of Nigeria signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the TU DELFT University (Netherlands) in November 2005. The first batch of our staff left for Netherlands in 2007 and came back by the end of 2008.